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Public workshops

Increase your confidence and upskill your writing. We run over 100 public workshops every year. From Business Writing to Web Lab — gain the communication skills needed to succeed in your role.

Workshop topics

You'll find a workshop to suit almost every business communication need. 

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Upcoming workshops

See which public workshops are running next in your area. 

Online training

If time or cost are a problem, we may have a ready-made online solution for you. 

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Customised training

Communication culture change

Change the way your people think about writing and steadily improve the clarity of writing across your whole organisation or business unit.

Customised solutions

Tell us what you want to achieve and we'll use your documents to create a highly effective training solution.

Private coaching

Sometimes one-on-one training is best. Ask us for coaching in any aspect of business writing, including coaching for non-native speakers of English.


Email training@write.co.nz to find out more.


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